About Vina School

We are building up a generation of Global citizens who are Thinkers, Learners, Reliable Partners and Servants to others.
Students are directed to be:

  1. Be a thought leader & Contributor to problem solving
  2. Be a Curious Continuous learner who can set, follow through and accomplish challenging goals
  3. Be a Team Player to achieve more together
  4. Be a servant and emulate Christ.

How do we embody this philosophy?

Our approach is hands-on and practical, ensuring that our students truly 
understand and internalize these values. We achieve this by:

Idea Thinking Journals

Encouraging students to keep idea journals and develop their thoughts and concepts.


Empowering students to identify and solve real-world problems in their communities.

Partnerships & Group Work

Fostering collaboration by forming partnerships and groups to accomplish common goals.

Service Projects

Engaging in service projects every year to instill a sense of compassion and responsibility.

Vina Vision

To be a model Institution that trains Lifelong learners who are Excellent in academics, life skills, sports discipline and talent development


To unlock the full potential of children by providing Consistent Optimum Nutrition, Freedom to Explore &Learn through Play. We Connect our learners to World class Instruction and Opportunities as they develop their talent’s ability and Sporting discipline.

Our commitment

To build up the child to love God, value Family & Serve their community.

Yes" to 4 core values

Being Valiant

Yes to Boldness and a Courage

Being Noble

Yes to a righteous loving God

Being Intelligent

Yes to reading widely and learning through experiments and exploration

Being Accountable

Yes, to a being responsible and answerable for my actions

Class Sessions

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 3:30 pm

School Location

Opposite Thogoto Primary school ,
Kikuyu, Kenya

Phone & Email

0777 343545